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Quick Facts 2 The Village of Westpark is designed as a  Mediterranean village. You will see the theme in the architecture of the homes and walls, landscaping and neighborhood entry markets. A very different look than the Village of Woodbridge just to the East.

Home sales in Westpark were concentrated in the price ranges between $200,000 and $700,000 during 2012. Attached homes dominate sales at prices under $500,000. Detached home sales started at $500,000 and sold in volume at all price ranges up to $900,000. Detached home prices top out under $1.25 million.

The median sales price of both detached and attached homes has been relatively  stable over the four year period between 2009 and 2012. Detached homes at approximately $700,000 and attached homes at $400,000. Attached homes did experience a slight drop in median prices in 2012.

Westpark Sales by Price RangeWestpark Median Prices

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Westpark was built in two phases so you may hear of Westpark I and Westpark II. The Village totals 5,190 homes on 1,178-acres of land; a density of 15-home per net acre.

The amenities in this Village include some 14 parks and nine small “pocket parks”. There are 33-acres in private parks, 29-acres in neighborhood parks and a large, 40-acre community park. Walkways connect the parks to homes and schools.

Westpark is the location of a major retail center (see the areas in red) comprising 69 acres. Like all Irvine Communities, Westpark is a self contain community with homes, schools, shopping and parks.

Westpark is a planned community

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