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You are a CUSTOMER when your agent works for the Typical Brokerage
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You are a CLIENT when your agent works for an Exclusive Buyer's Brokerage
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Maintain loyalty to the Seller's needsPay full attention to Your needs
Tell the Seller all they know about youTell You all they know about the Seller
Keep information about the Seller confidentialKeep information about You confidential
Focus on the Seller/Client's propertyFocus on choices that meet Your needs
Provide just the material factsProvide material facts plus professional advice
Only provide price information that supports the Sellers listing priceProvide price counseling based on comparable sales and their professional insight
Protect the SellerProtect and guide You
Negotiate on the behalf of the SellerNegotiate on Your behalf
Attempt to solve problems to the Seller's advantage and satisfactionAttempt to solve problems to Your advantage and satisfaction

Recent Detached Home Sales in the City of IrvineIrvine Detached (Single Family) Homes: Sales recorded over the last 30-days

Quick Facts2

Detached Home Sales Irvine jan 13 to Ar 14

An average of 87-detached homes sell a month in Irvine. The median price has  increased by 6.3 percent between April 2013 and April 2014 while the number of sales has declined by -21.4 percent. Sales have increased since March with the start of the Spring buying season while the Median Price has shown a slight decline.

Hover over a home to open information on a particular home. Click on Statistics to see a snap shot of the homes sold.

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