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Listen to me for a minute, this is important 

Buying a home should be a joyous experience.

If you occasionally enjoy a fine bottle of wine you don’t want to own a vineyard and become the wine master.

You want to select just the bottle you want, the right bottle from the best vineyard. And the best can come from anywhere in the world.

I capture the flow of data and bottle it into ANSWERS that pair with your needs.  Only with the right answers do you have the knowledge to make an informed decision. 

 The Curator

While I write original content  in my Blog, it serves you best if I spend much of my time in proving you access to the best writers and videos on the web.

In this process I act as a “Curator”. You are most likely familiar with a Curator in a museum who understands the audience, selects the best paintings and puts them on display in the best possible way.

A curator is not a creator but a facilitator.

A good curator needs to understand the audience and become a messenger who delivers ideas – in a way that fully communicate the work of the creators and lets their work speak out to the public.

Translating Data into Knowledge

Doing this is challenging.  It takes time to find reliable sources out of the vast flow of data on the internet.  And it takes experience to select among this data to define Information of value, distill it and present it in a form that is clear, concise and quickly available. 

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The Curator - answers

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[quote_box author=”Robert Owen Deane” profession=”Exclusive Buyer’s Broker”]I HAVE THRE GOALS: My primary goal is to turn the on-line home buying experience from a time consuming and often frustrating search for information into convenient access to the information you need.

SECOND: In this challenging and quickly moving market  I attempt to provide you with the framework of knowledge to evaluate and respond to new information.

THIRD: By providing information with no strings attached, I prove my dedication to superior service, depth of knowledge and experience. I hope to become your trusted advisor in the purchase of your next home.[/quote_box]

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