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Orange County Relocations to California Planning a relocation to Southern California and considering Orange County? This website is designed for you – and I am here to be of assistance. I hope to become your Relocation Consultant.

I specialize in providing in depth information on the cities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Irvine but can help you in other areas as well. Much of the information you find on this site applies to the culture, economy and lifestyle of Orange County.

Central Coast Cities Orange County, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, IrvineDespite the news to the contrary, California retains considerable appeal. While there has been out migration to other states, that trend is in rapid decline. Employment is growing and the appeal of our Perfect Climate and active lifestyle remain unchanged. But what is happening in migration? The best way to answer this question is to look at the population growth over the last 12-years. There are three components of change in the population:

  1. Natural Increases in the population which is the balance between births and deaths,

  2. Net Domestic Migration which is the balance of persons moving to and from California within the United States and moves within California, and

  3. Net Immigration which is the balance of persons moving to California from a foreign country and those leaving the state to live abroad.

The most important number in understanding “people leaving California” is Net Domestic Migration. As indicated in this bar  graph, Net Domestic Migration, which reached a high in 2008-2009, is in strong decline. The same pattern is being seen in Orange County. Out migration from Orange County between 2004 and 2007 preceded the depth of the reception and was largely a factor of residents leaving for more affordable homes in the adjacent counties of Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego.

[col type=”1_2″ class=”” rem=”false”]State of California Population Estimates and Components of Change (By Year 2000-2012)

Orange County California Population Estimates and Components of Change (By Yer 2000-2012)[/col]

Orange County welcomes new residents from across the Nation. As you can see in the blue lines in the map below, people from the Great Lake states and North East are a strong source of migrants to the County. The fact that out migration is in decline is indicated from sources other than the California Department of Finace population estimates.

People Migrating to Orange County from across the Nation. Relocations Relocation ConsultantAntidotal evidence from the moving industry indicates that in 2012 the companies were seeing an equal number of moves into the State than out and in some cases more families moving to California than leaving.

The OC Register wrote about 2011 data showing an inbound trend of movers into the state of California from moving companies Allied Van Lines, United Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines.

  • Allied handled 6,574 moves to California last year, up 8 percent vs. 2010 — as well as 6,227 moved away from the Golden State, virtually unchanged in a year. That’s a net gain of 347!
  • At United Van Lines, 16,292 of its moves were to California, a 4% increase vs. 2010. Moves away from California totaled 14,758 — down 1% in a year.
  • Then there’s Atlas Van Lines, which handled last year 7,803 moves to California, a 9% increase vs. 2010. Its moves away from California totaled 6,758 — up 4% in a year.

Another storage and moving company interviewed for the article is attributing the trend to prices coming back to reasonable levels.
[quote_simple author=”Linda Oakley, Vice President of Atlas Transfer & Storage”]“People are realizing that living in California is finally affordable and they’re jumping on that bandwagon. We’ve had customers that we’ve moved out of state that have called us back to say, ‘I want to come home.”[/quote_simple]
Make and Informed Decision - Relocation CosultantTo make an informed decision explore this website; it has a wealth of information and be sure to read my blog, The Real Story. Much of the information you will find on the Internet about California is gross generalizations; and you will find a lot of people love to bash California – stating we have a high crime rate is just one such example. The fact is  City of Irvine has been identified as the safest city (Cities over 100,000 population) in the nation for the last eight years. Neighborhood Scout published the 100,000 safest cities in the United States – eight were in Orange County – 22 percent in California. Also read my recent blog on Newport Beach (a population of 85,995 and not in the above statistics).

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