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BY Robert Owen Deane
Relocation Consultant


Why Use a Relocation Consultant?

Relocation, particularly long-distance relocation, can be time consuming and frustrating – some call it a harrowing ordeal. Key to the ordeal is the fact you are moving from your trusted resources to a new community where you lack local knowledge.

Selecting a community and finding the right neighborhood and home is a big decision, especially when the location is unknown and limited time is available.

You’re Not Only Buying a Home. You’re Also Buying a Neighborhood and Lifestyle

Robert Owen Deane

Reasons to Use a Relocation Consultant

It is easy enough to search and find a home on the Internet but where do you go for information about neighborhoods, schools, shopping, and the lifestyle of the community?   A poor decision can be financially devastating and dissatisfaction with a neighborhood can occur when you had limited choices and focused only on a home.  

RelocationYou want as much local information as possible before committing to a trip to your new community. Searching locally on your own, during the home finding process can be both frustrating and costly. A search can last as long as two weeks and cost well in excess of $500 per day plus travel costs.

Relocation Consultant I reach out to clients and provide the information they need when they first start their search. Ideal for someone who is considering relocation. Please review my Credentials to learn more about the ways I am of assistance throughout the home buying process.

This website is rich in information and provides you with Lifestyle Search, an application that answers your neighborhood questions as you search for a home

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 I am an Buyer’s Broker that works Exclusively with buyers

I help buyer’s understand the Orange County and the Irvine and Newport Beach housing markets, help them chose among neighborhoods and find a house which meets their needs. The Knowledge Hub on this website provides a step by guide to the Home Buying Process.

Information HubI work with you on a personal level, considering the academic needs of any children, the type of neighborhood you prefer, and proximity to the types of services use regularly, and then factor these criteria into a decision to recommend locations. The goal; to help you find the perfect match between Home, Neighborhood and Lifestyle.

Since I work exclusively for you, I provide a level of service you will not find from the typical agent. I am happy to help you arrange hotel reservations and set up a tour of homes to match your schedule. I also service the rental market and can help you set up temporary rental accommodations. Interested in a New Home, I service that market as well. I spent 30-years in the new home building industry as a Marketing Executive.

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How do you differ from a relocation consultant supplied by my employer?

One of the most common reasons to use a relocation consultant is because of a move for work. If you work for large companies you may receive a relocation consultant as part of your compensation package. In this instance, the employer recognizes that the employee is being asked to move for work, and thus that the move should be made as painless as possible. In other cases, people may hire a consultant on their own because they are not able to deal with the move independently.

A Relocation Consultant provided by your employer will select a local real estate agent.

They can’t cover every market and know expertise in the local real estate market is of utmost importance for a satisfactory relocation.You can influence this process. I work exclusively as a buyer’s broker and reach out to you at the start of your search, providing you the information you need to make an informed decision. I provide extensive services provided by few agents and always work in your best interest.

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