How to Estimate Property Taxes

How do I research taxes on a Home?

You’re not going to find the property taxes on a home in most real estate listings; you are going to have to dig deeper.

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In purchasing your new home, your future monthly payments will be made up of principal, interest, real property taxes and insurance.

All homes have a base tax rate (approximately in the one percent range). But some will also have  a tax payment for a Community Facilities District, otherwise known as a Mello -Roos District. The video and following page describes how to find the tax cost on any Orange County home.

Finding Monthly Fees HOA and Taxes from Deane on Vimeo.

Orange County Tax CollectorWhen you find a home you like copy the address [100 Briar Lane, Irvine, CA 92602] and then click on the link the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collectors website . Look for the Search By Box and paste the address into the Search By Property Address Box and click Find.

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Tax Showing Base and Mello Roos

What Should You Expect From The Treasurer-Tax Collector After Buying A New Home?

SOURCE: Orange County Assessors Office

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When a property changes ownership, a new assessed value will be used in determining your property taxes. This will generally be based on the amount you paid for your property. If you have any questions regarding the New Assessed Property Value, please contact the Assessor’s office at (714) 834-2727.

Supplemental Tax Bills – Supplemental tax bill(s) are one-time tax bill(s) which occurs when there is a change of ownership on a property. The amount of the supplemental tax bill(s) is determined by taking the difference between your new assessed property value and the previous assessed property value. You may estimate the amount of your new taxes on this website, please click Estimate Supplemental Taxes.

Mortgage companies do not usually pay the supplemental tax bill(s). They are the responsibility of the new property owner. You will normally receive your new supplemental tax bill(s) within 6 to 9 months of purchasing the property. The supplemental tax bill(s) will be pro-rated from the date of purchase through July 1st of that year. (Depending on when you purchase your property, and when the property is re-assessed, you may receive 2 supplemental tax bills). For a detailed explanation of supplemental tax bills, please click here.
Homeowners Exemption – Property that is owned and occupied as your principal place of residence as of the lien date (January 1st) may qualify for an exemption of $7,000 of assessed value. Should you not receive a Homeowner Exemption, please contact the Assessor’s office at (714) 834-3821.