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CAR BenefitsAs a REALTOR® I have memberships in the major associations representing the real estate profession.  These memberships bring benefits to my clients.

The California Association of REALTORS® provides me with systems to manage the purchase process,  and access to professional advice on legal and financial issues.

We can ask an Attorney for advice and I can call a Financial Helpline if you are experiencing problems in financing your home.

The CAR website is also a resource of information with original research about the real estate market and consumer research of buyers and sellers. My RSS feed, see the bottom of the page, is one such source of information.

[quote_right]With its recent acquisition of Dotloop, Zillow is purporting to alter real estate transactions. Zillow has publicly stated that while they’ve innovated real estate search, they think they can bring the “same innovation” to the real estate transaction itself.[/quote_right]The technology I use in your real estate purchase transaction has been tested and improved over many years. It is protected and secure: your personal data is never exposed, never mined, never sold to other providers. I’m a homebuyer’s advocate, 100% of the buyer’s side. As you agent I’m owe certain fuduciary duties to you.
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Dear Robert,

Chris Kutzkey
Technology is changing at such a rapid pace today, disrupting industries and changing long-standing business models. Take the hotel, taxi, retail, publishing, travel, music, and television industries to name a few. Real estate also has been long subject to these same currents, but in my opinion it has benefited and even improved its customer positioning as a result, unlike the other disrupted industries.

With its recent acquisition of Dotloop, Zillow is purporting to alter real estate transactions. Zillow has publicly stated that while they’ve innovated real estate search, they think they can bring the “same innovation” to the real estate transaction itself – a move sure to affect you and your clients.

You know better than anyone that real estate documents contain a lot of your clients’ personal financial data and other sensitive information. Think of the personally identifiable information that could be mined to sell to third parties, such as title or mortgage companies, home inspectors, or home warranty providers. Real estate transactions are built on trust between REALTORS® and their clients, and with this acquisition, that trust could be compromised.

Technology may allow consumers to search for homes but it’s the REALTOR® who guides them through the maze of data and brings value in coordinating the transaction from “contract to close.” I don’t need to tell you that buying or selling a home involves many intermediate steps, each of which has the potential to go wrong and send you and your clients back to square one. Real estate transactions involve a lot of details, legal pitfalls, and liability issues, such as property restrictions, liens, financing glitches, or title and appraisal issues. Solving problems and negotiating solutions that arise during escrow is where the REALTOR® brings the greatest value to the consumer. In fact, a recent C.A.R. survey of home buyers found the top areas where a buyer needed an agent’s assistance in a transaction were negotiating the terms of a sale, finding the right home, negotiating price, and only lastly, dealing with paperwork. Although an integrated transaction platform can create efficiencies, the value proposition that a REALTOR® brings to the table is far more than pushing paper.

This doesn’t mean REALTORS® should rest on their laurels. The real estate industry has long served consumers, but because they and their needs are constantly evolving and changing, REALTORS® need to keep on top of those changing needs. Failing to respond to changing consumer demands and expectations, and focusing on the transaction instead of the consumer is sure to reduce your relevance.

The real estate industry hasn’t figured out a way to fully capitalize on the rapid advances in technology because transactions are incredibly complicated and regulations abound. As a result, well-funded tech companies continuously seek to erode the industry’s infrastructure and figure out ways to conduct real estate transactions completely online. In a digital era, people are always looking for ways to conduct business more efficiently, but they also want a good customer experience. Technology can’t replace what makes REALTORS® essential to the transaction: local market knowledge, in-the-trenches experience, and sage advice and recommendations – all the things that convey an outstanding customer experience and help make your clients’ dreams a reality.


I use three services when managing the purchase of a home. ZipForm, digital Ink and zipTMS, a transaction management system. These services assure that we meet all legal aspect of buying a home and provides us with secure, 24-7 access to information on the sales process.
Zip Forms




I use zipForm to manage the legal aspects of the purchase of your home. With ZipForm I have accessd to the correct forms for all aspects of a home purchase, forms developed and approved by top real estate attorneys.

I use digital Ink digital inkto manage signatures on-line, saving you time and frustration. Digital signatures revolutionize the customer experience, offering clients a truly secure paperless electronic process that can be trusted.

tmsDuring the purchase process  numerous  documents are generated and there are dead-lines to meet. Documents are emailed to you but can become lost in your mail box, deadlines may change or be foregotten.

I simplify the proces with zipTMS, a transaction management system. This is a secure system where all steps in the purchase process from purchase agreement to the final closing are defined with dates and where documents are uploaded as they are developed; notes on changes and emails can be documented, creating a legal document trail.

Everything is in one place and you can access to system from anywhere 24/7 to review or download needed document when you need them. You are automatically updated about up-coming events on a daily basis so you can see events pending in the next three days.

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