Planning on Buying a Home?

Planning on Buying a HomeA home purchase is not a frequent event and as experienced home buyers know, buying a home is a complicated process. Whether you’re buying your first home or if this is one of many purchased in your lifetime, it’s important to refresh your memory, to start at the beginning and thoroughly understand each step in the home buying process.

For most buyers, the rule of thumb is to set your price range at around 1-1/2 times your annual income, but with interest rates at historic lows, monthly payments are lower on any given loan than they have been in years, and most rates are fixed for 15 years or 30 years so you can predict your housing costs into the future.

Eureka Moment Think about buying a home?I had been spending some weeks looking to assemble all the data you need to be prepared to make an informed real estate purchase decision when I had a “Eureka Moment”.

I came across a website that has a time line for the process of buying a home, with suggestions for each step from  start in month 1 to the final move-in in month 12. It is presented as an answer for first time buyers but it has value for anyone that has not purchased a home for a while and wants to refresh their memory of the steps and time frame of a home purchase.

The link is below. To give you a taste of what is available on the site and help simplify your search, I have provided headings for the 12-categories on the time line and links to subject matter I felt you may benefit from reading,

The site is one of those I provide a link to for Comparing Mortgage rates and you will find their advertising on the site. Just ignore it if you like, I have no financial interest in referring you to this site.


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Refresh memory with this great information

The Information You Need

You will find Coastal Home-Neighborhood to be rich in information. More to the point, the  Knowledge  You Need to Make an Informed Real Estate Purchase decision.

I reach out to buyers from day-one in the home buying process, my focus is providing you the information you need, when you need it.  This information comes with no strings attached. It is my way of proving my market knowledge and dedication to service.

I’m an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker, I hope to earn your trust and become your Broker of choice.

Take a few minutes to view my video on how Buyer’s Brokers always work in your best interest


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