Newport Beach – A City of Villages


Newport Beach offers a wide variety of homes and lifestyles and has a rich history. The City was incorporated in 1906 and grew slowly over time – this gives it character and charm. You have wide-choices in places to live and great places to visit, make friends and enjoy. I will tell you about these Villages, use lifestyle search to explore them at depth.

Balboa-Island-copyYou may want to live in one of the original Villages such as Balboa Island where every home is unique and you have a boat parked in front of your home or are a short walk to the beach. If you are social and want to make new friends and keep in contact with your neighbors, this is the perfect neighborhood for you. Here your home backs to walkways and from your patio/porch you can wave to neighbors as they walk by and strike up a conversation. You can walk to shopping and restaurants and are a ferry ride from the beaches on the Balboa Peninsula.

Living in a Master Planned Community

Master-Plan-southAs you travel inland from the original homes built along the coastline of Newport Beach you will feel and see the change. You are entering the area of Newport Beach that was carefully planned as a series of Villages. It is part of a much larger master planned community, The Irvine Ranch. The Irvine Ranch stretches from Newport Beach to the mountains, some 22-miles and totals 93,000 acres. It has been under a single ownership for 150 years.

In the early 1960ties The Irvine Company, faced by pressures to sell off the land piecemeal, decided to continue as a Stewart to the land and draft a comprehensive master plan that would result in the orderly development of the Ranch. The master plan image to the right only shows the southern portion of the Irvine Ranch.

Village planning has created a rare sense of community belonging and confidence. Under a master plan, residents have the comfort of knowing that the timing and location of long-planned growth will be phased and carefully managed.

Here is one of the original Villages to give you a flavor of what is available.

East BluffEastBluff is a large village of 619-acres and includes 1,988-homes. Central to the planning of this Village is its “Walkability”. Here you can walk to shopping in a 14-acre commercial center and schools. Natural open space is minutes from your front door.

The homes in this village were built between 1960 and 1972 but the design was advanced for the time period. The Irvine Company was pioneering new land planning concepts that incorporated cluster housing (condominiums and townhouse) and small lot detached homes with the land saved in lot sizes placed into wide green belts and parks. The shopping center was placed in the center of the Village rather than the typical major street location, creating a Village Core.

The village is rich in open space and parks. There are 16-acres in parks and 126-acres in commoEastBluff Bingn areas. Including land in open space, 41-percent of this Village is open space and parks. Situated above Newport’s Back Bay it is adjacent to the Upper Newport Bay Regional Park, a natural preserve with miles of trails.

Located in the center of Newport Beach, East Bluff is close to Fashion Island, Newport Beach’s regional outdoor mall and major office and medical building that are a major employment center.

As of January 2015, listing prices for condominium homes ranged between $859,000 (1,820 square feet) and $1,350,000 (2,700 square feet). Detached home prices ranged from a low of $925,000 (1,455 square feet) to a high of $2,225,000 (2,700 square feet).


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