Information Overload

Information Over Load“Information Over Load” –  “Data Smog” –“Information Glut”

Information Overload is when you are trying to deal with more information than you are able to process to make sensible decisions. The result is that you either delay making decisions, or that you make the wrong decisions.”  (Infogineering)


The Home Buying Process

I just typed “The Home Buying Process” into Google and got 111 million results in 0.32 seconds!

Of course we depend upon Google to provide the best sources of information on the first page but that’s still a lot of information.

If you’re just starting to think about buying a home and you need to refresh your memory about the Home Buying Process from step one to your final goal, how do you select among that massive amount of information? And then there is finding the home you want.

You can find tons of places where you can search for a home but few if any offer much more than the physical details of a home (size, price, bedroom, baths). But when you are searching for a home you have other questions. Questions about neighborhoods, schools, shopping, demographics and lifestyle.  To find that information you have to leave the Real Estate site and search on your own – and face “Information Overload”.

Key Point

It is necessary to move quickly and decisively and make the right decisions in this fast paced real estate market. Knowledge is essential to this process. I provide knowledge – not data.

[quote_box author=”Robert Owen Deane” profession=”Exclusive Buyers Broker”]My focus is to simplify the process of buying a home.  I select and bring together the information you need in one central location. It takes time, effort and focus to find the best information on the Web.[/quote_box]


Result Compass copyI have the credentials to conduct research and find the best sources.

For the first 10-years of my professional life I worked in marketing and economic research. I was directer of research for a major home builder with a staff of 28 managing  residential research  across the United States.

Reporting to top management making multi-million dollar decisions, I had to be clear and concise in my answers and document my supporting evidence.

Working in your best interest, I have brought those skills to my Brokerage.

Check MarkI search through newly created information, discard that which is nice to know to focus on that you definitely need to know now.

Check Mark


I filtered out those that are not clearly written – information that would add to your time in understanding the issue.

Check Mark


I discard those with factual errors or inconsistencies.

Check Mark


I look for authors that provide short precise answers.


information overloadFrom Thoughts to Answers

Click this image link to see the results of my efforts. The information you need, how you want it, when you want it. 

[quote_box author=”Robert Owen Deane” profession=”Exclusive Buyer’s Broker”]

The information you need when you need it

I HAVE THREE GOALS: My primary goal is to turn the on-line home buying experience from a time consuming and often frustrating search for information into convenient access to the information you need.

SECOND: In this challenging and quickly moving market  I provide you with the framework of knowledge to evaluate and respond to new information.

THIRD: To become your trusted advisor in the purchase of your next home. How do I plan to earn your trust? The old fashion way, I will prove my dedication to superior service, depth of knowledge and experience. [/quote_box]

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