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How do I select a realtor

More than half of home buyers report what they want most from their real estate agent is to find them the right home to purchase. 

-The National Association of REALTORS 2013 Survey of Home Buyers & Sellers

[blockquote]More accurately this is the right home neighborhood and Lifestyle
– Robert Owen Deane[/blockquote]

However, statistics show that two-thirds of recent buyers only interviewed one agent before the found the agent they worked with.

How Do I Select a REALTOR?How do I select a Realtor?

Look for a realtor that reaches out to you during the home buying process, answers your questions, proves their knowledge and earns your trust.

We know that the process of looking for a home starts well before a home buyer approaches a Real Estate Agent.

[quote_right]“Home buyers don’t need a chauffeur – they need a neighborhood expert.” Brett Woolley, eNeighborhoods[/quote_right]In 2013 home buyers were searching an average of six months prior to approaching an agent. Home Buyers can certainly use help during the long and sometimes stressful search  but often hesitate on calling a Realtor. Why? The reason is best expressed in this quote.

“I need real estate companies to help me identify the areas of the city that will work best for my needs so I can do my own research and get comfortable BEFORE I engage with a REALTOR®. The REALTOR® that demonstrates they have the best information and the most local knowledge on their site that does not BUG me until I’m ready is much more likely to get my business.” 


My Brand Promise


My primary goal is to turn the on-line home buying experience from a time consuming and often frustrating search for information into convenient access to the information you need.

SECOND: In this challenging and quickly moving market I attempt to provide you with the framework of knowledge to evaluate and respond to new information.

THIRD: By providing information with no strings attached, I prove my dedication to superior service, depth of knowledge and experience. I hope to become your trusted advisor in the purchase of your next home.

These three Goals are represented in my Brand Promise 

The Information You Need – When You Need It

How is this Promise Implemented?

Don’t Sell   Educate

I love crime dramas, especially one like the Mentalist and Elementary where the protagonist looks at things in a different way that leads them to a solution to the crime.  I found I could boast my creativity with the question “What is another way of looking at this?” 

My Brand PromiseMany people think the main barrier to online marketing success is a lack of traffic. But it’s really a lack of trust. People love to buy stuff, but they hate to feel sold. Yes, I am developing a website to build my business but first among my brand promises is “Don’t Sell … Educate.” My goal is to earn your trust by proving my knowledge and dedication to superior service.

Brand Promise

Attention is finite, and therefore scarce. So if you want people to pay attention to you, you need to earn it. This requires the kind of blog that grabs people’s attention by delivering outstandingly valuable, useful, or entertaining material — consistently.

“Consumers simply do not want to be “sold” anymore. They have become cynical about advertising claims and “it’s all about me” advertising. They don’t want to hear an agent’s claims of greatness. They want to understand what you can do for them that is backed up by legitimate information or insights you can bring to them. They want you to prove why you are the best agent or broker for them. Simply making promises of greatness is not enough to attract consumers anymore. In fact, only 14% of consumers today trust what they hear in advertising today.”

“Today, consumers are looking for service providers who can support them and educate them about the most important elements to make an educated decision about their purchase. They will be attracted to agents who are not “selling” to them. Instead they are looking for potential vendors that demonstrate expertise, professionalism and guidance about the real estate process. They are attracted to agents who seek to provide insight and information that will help better prepare a consumer to make an educated real estate decision.”


I Assemble the Best From Around the WebProvide Cornerstone Content

“A cornerstone is something that is basic, essential, indispensable, and the chief foundation upon which something is constructed or developed. Cornerstone content reveals what people need to know to make use of your site and do business with you.” Mark McGuinness, Lateral Action

“The real estate industry needs to listen more closely to what consumers are asking for and deliver information and services that are interesting and relevant.

According to the 2009-2010 California Home Buyers and Sellers Survey from the California Association of REALTORS®, consumers are asking REALTORS® to provide more support throughout the real estate transaction. They don’t simply want a nice marketing campaign. They want true support throughout the entire process – especially early on in their search when they are have not yet locked into a neighborhood or area. They are looking for better information to help arm themselves with the tools they need to make a sound real estate purchase decision.”  SOURCE: The WAV Group

Brand Promise

The key to becoming an authority in any area is to learn all you can, and share all you can. The content I provide demonstrates my constant search for knowledge. Compare this with a website or agent’s bio page that claims expertise.


Key PointMy Winning Difference – a Brand Promise. I provide homebuyers with detailed information that is critical to the home-buying decision, providing  proof of my market knowledge, responsiveness and commitment to service. My professional objective is to deliver value and provide exceptional service that builds a trusting relationship.

How do I select a realtor

No Strings Attached

(Doing something for someone without asking for anything in return)

Key Point

My second Brand Promise is to provide you with information with no strings attached. All the information stored in the Knowledge Hub is yours without registration. 

And if you register for the e-mail delivery of my blog or for IDX Search to receive up-dates, store searches and share information with friends, I Won’t Bug You. 

Anddo you sell you paintingsJust so we’re clear: I’m not one of those internet hippies who tells you “information wants to be free”, so you should give away all your best work and forget about being paid. (Have you noticed those guys tend to have a comfortable salary or professorship?)                         —   Quote courtesy of Mark McGuinness, Lateral Action

 Research by the National Association Realtors indicates that 59 percent of buyers continue with the first real estate agent they call. How do you make that decision?

Check Mark

My goal is to build an audience by delivering fresh media content, giving people a taste of my work, for free. This site is rich in useful tutorials and Videos that inform, entertain and educate. 

Solution: give people a taste of your best work. Gain their trust the old fashion way –  earn it.

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