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 Capture Your KnowledgeThe Brain – The Ultimate Digital Memory

I would like to introduce you to a way to simplify your  life and the Home Buying Process.

The Brain is better than a filing cabinet

As I have done my research I save the great web sites I find for latter reference.  I used to book mark them into categories with my web-browser, a digital version of an antique filing system – the same one we have had around since 1886 when it was invented.

But then it seems that I often forget about them or forget how I found them – what links (also valuable and showing how I thought about the process) I followed to find my results.

[blockquote]This is a good time for a reminder from David Allen: “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” If you’re feeling stressed, ask yourself whether you’re still trying to keep all your life’s commitments in your mind’s limited storage space.[/blockquote]

 Capture The Best Sites  As You Search – Manage Your Knowledge

It was my good luck that my research lead me to The Brain.

The Brain is a “digital mind map” that is your best solution for keeping all your ideas in one place.

 Say you start brain storming about buying a house – and you jump from site to site and suddenly find gold – and that site leads you to five related sites.

Wouldn’t it be great to have everything in one place. A place that linked things together, just like you think? An application that can reside on your desk top where you have immediate access.

Virtual Field Trip.logoist

The Brain

Take a Virtual Field Trip to Explore the Brain

Just Think About the Advantages

Find a great site, don’t file it away, add it to TheBrain and along with a link. Say you are looking for mortgages and you find a great article on home loans, Create a Parent Thought for Mortgages and Home Financing and add it to the brain. From this point you can then add different information on Pre-Approval, Credit Scores and bank/mortgage brokers  as Child Thoughts. Not only can you create the thought as you search and find information of value,  you can grab the web link from your browser and drag in into the though, creating a permanent link to the site.

Now all your efforts are saved in one place and you can go back to them with a click rather than becoming lost somewhere in a book mark file.


Use the resources of to simplify and guide your search. Let me be your guide to The Home Buying Process. As you find valuable resources you like and can use, add them to your personal Brain. 


Here is an example of a Brain I built around the home buying process. You can do something similar as you find value in the links and resources I proved.

Add “thoughts” linking outside sources I provide and my Blog Articles on market conditions, real estate news and Home Buyer Tips.

Your Guide to the Brain Map

Key PointYou can use the brain for free if it is for your personal use. Just down load the application and set it up on your desk top (they have solutions for iPads and iPhones as well).

The Brain is even more powerful if you chose the hosted version – you can communicate as a team and access the Brains you build from anywhere – home, office, smart phone or tablet.

Here is a brief introduction to its power.


The Brain Download

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The information you need when you need it

I HAVE THREE GOALS: My primary goal is to turn the on-line home buying experience from a time consuming and often frustrating search for information into convenient access to the information you need.

SECOND: In this challenging and quickly moving market I attempt to provide you with the framework of knowledge to evaluate and respond to new information.

THIRD: By providing information with no strings attached, I prove my dedication to superior service, depth of knowledge and experience. I hope to become your trusted advisor in the purchase of your next home.[/quote_box]


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