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Get Things DoneDo you sometimes feel like Alice, that you fell down a rabbit hole and are in a whole new world?

The Real Estate Market can be challenging and if you have a goal but don’t know how to get there, or if you just don’t know what you want, it’s helpful to have a guide.

Someone similar to the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, but better. Not one that just suggest you keep walking – some one that has taken the time and effort to find the way, has a map in place and will actually be your guide to your goals.

Alice's Adventures

Mobile Buyer’s Broker is rich in information about the Home Buying Process.

I dedicate myself to finding the best source of information and bring them into a central place where you can access them conveniently, as your need them. This extensive data base is available to you with no-strings attached.

It takes time and focus to translate the overwhelming tsunami of data on the internet into information and present this information as Knowledge you can use to find your path and reach your goal of buying a home.


The buying process begins well before an agent is contacted. Buyers consider purchasing a home some 4-5 months before contacting an agent. They are investigation homes and neighborhoods 3-5 months before any agent contact.

During that research period consumers consider Zillow (33%), (17%) and Redfin (13%) are the most useful websites in the buying process. Only 10% turn to agent websites. The problem is most Realtors wait for homebuyers to call on a listing before becoming actively engaged.

Front Page from day one

I differ from the average agent in that I reach out to homebuyers in day one in the home buying process. 

You have better Things to do

The average time to search for a home is the longest its Ever Been – the average home buyer is spending three months in Searching for a Home.

Not surprisingly, one of the most important things buyers want from a REALTOR is Help Finding the Best Home. Ranking only behind Responded Fast and Listens to Needs.

I’m an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker. An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent or EBA is someone who is an expert in the buy-side of a real estate transaction. My services are available to you from the time you start to first investigate homes and neighborhoods.  I can save you time, money and frustration in your search for a home.

In addition, it is important you know I never take a listing, never work for Sellers. I’m 100% loyal to you as a home buyer.

The purpose of this web site is to show my knowledge and commitment to superior service. To earn your trust and become a Trusted Advisor in the Home Buying Process.

Exclusive Buyer's Broker AgreementDedicating extensive time to your home search requires mutual trust. I ask my clients to sign an Exclusive Buyers Agreement. This contract allows me to dedicate extensive time to your home search and purchase, with confidence. The contract clear specifies my services and protects your best interest.

Should You Sign an Exclusive Agreement?
My services are clearly specified by time, price range and geography. You are only held to this specific agreement.

I guarantee you that if either of us decide that the relationship is not working out or our personalities clash, I will release you from the agreement.  You can end our agreement for the same reasons. 

The toggle below opens a blog post about hiring Buyer’s agents by a respected source. It answers the why Buyer’s Agents ask for a signed contract.

For more about Exclusive Buyer’ Agents view the following Video.

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Hiring Buyer's AgentsAsk any buyer’s agent who has been practicing real estate for a while, and you’ll hear sad stories from those buying agents who wished they had signed a buyer to a buyer’s broker agreement. In defense of buyers, however, it’s rarely the buyer’s fault. It’s the agent’s fault for not explaining how the business works.
What often happens is an agent will work with a buyer for a few weeks to several months or longer.

This effort includes:

Introducing the buyer to lenders and obtaining loan preapproval letters
E-mailing listings that fit the buyer’s requirements
Calling listing agents to determine availability
Making appointments with sellers before showing homes
Driving the buyer from one neighborhood to the next, sometimes touring up to 10 homes a day

Then one day the buyer calls, in breathless excitement, to announce that he and his wife had driven by a new subdivision, stopped to look at a model home and signed a contract to buy a new home from the builder. Sometimes they add, “Isn’t that fabulous?” It’s not fabulous from the agent’s perspective.

Buyer’s Agents Expect Compensation

Just as listing agents sign formal listing agreements with sellers, buying agents expect formal agreements, too. Like listing agreements, buyer’s broker agreements are typically bilateral, which spell out the rights and duties of both parties. Because bilateral contracts are essentially a promise for a promise, if the agent doesn’t perform, you may have the right to fire the agent.





Buyers Representative Agreement from Deane on Vimeo.

And my website offers features that are personalized to your needs and focus on answering your questions down to a neighborhood level.

I Hope to Become Your Trusted Advisor from Day One


This post describes the type of personalized assistance you can expect from me as a trusted advisor. Together, we  will find the perfect combination of home, neighborhood and lifestyle. 

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The information you need when you need itI HAVE THREE GOALS:

My primary goal is to turn the on-line home buying experience from a time consuming and often frustrating search for information into convenient access to the information you need.

SECOND: In this challenging and quickly moving market  I attempt to provide you with the framework of knowledge to evaluate and respond to new information.

THIRD: By providing information with no strings attached, I prove my dedication to superior service, depth of knowledge and experience. I hope to become your trusted advisor in the purchase of your next home.[/quote_box]

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