Advisor or Chauffeur?

Advisor or Chauffeur

What are homebuyers looking for when they partner with a real estate agent?

quote leftIt isn’t simply a matter of wanting a companion on the house hunt to help answer questions about properties. It’s much more than that.
When it comes to hiring an agent, homebuyers are looking for an expert someone who can help shepherd them through the entire home-buying process with as few snags or glitches as possible. Chip Poll Inman News

Robert Owen Deane

Do you think of a REALTOR as a chauffeur driving your between homes you found on the internet?

If that is the case, this website will be a welcome change.

 In addition to representing your interest completely. A REALTOR, should be an ADVISOR, advising you about the home buying process as in unfolds. I reach out to home buyers from day one in their search, providing you with the information you need, when you need it.

                Robert Owen Deane Exclusive Buyer’s Broker


Don't Sell EducateTired 0f Searching Multiple Sites? Here You Will Find the Knowledge You Need with no strings attached.

The links below will answer many of your questions about the Home Buying Process . They reflect my knowledge and commitment to excellent service.

I hope to become your trusted advisor. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact me for assistance in your home buying process.

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